Nutripuncture Asia

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Is it necessary to brush your teeth after taking nutrients?

This is a question often asked by mothers. The nutrients are composed of ingredients that do not cause cavities. There is no need to brush your teeth when you take nutrients in the evening.

Q : Why is it preferable to take the nutrients between meals and away from medication?

The nutrients should not be combined with other substances that could interfere with the information. This interference may prevent the information from reaching its specific body circuit.

Q : Can one give nutrients to children?

Nutrients can be given at any age, even to infants by grinding the tablets to a powder.

Q : Does the effectiveness of nutrients diminish with time?

An expiration date is marked on each box, but they are effective beyond that date if kept under normal conditions.

Q : How can the effectiveness of Nutripuncture be verified?

A health practitioner can verify its effect by measuring the acupuncture points (difference in electric potential) when a function is lost or modified.

Q : Are the nutrients damaged by airport x-ray checks?

No, there is absolutely no risk of the nutrients being damaged during x-ray security checks in airports.

Q : Can veterinarians use nutrients for animals?

The results can be positive and as rapid as for human beings. Many users give them to their pets (nervous dogs, for example) with very good results.

Q : How long does it take to feel the effects of the nutrients? Do the nutrients nourish the body quickly?

The information is transmitted at once. This can be verified by taking pulses and by the electrical measurement of acupuncture points. The effect may be felt immediately or it may come later depending on how long it takes to improve the field and the vital current.

Q : How can one measure the effectiveness of a nutrient?

First, by a feeling of well being. Its effect can also be verified by pulse-taking, by the electrical measurement of the "Ting" acupuncture points, by spectrophotometry, muscle tests, and dark field blood analysis.

Q : How long should one take nutrients?

It all depends on the health of the individual. It takes a while for the vital currents to fully recover and each season impacts the body differently. Generally speaking, when a person is working on a specific area, twice a day for 3 to 8 weeks is sufficient. It may be helpful to take them again later if there is a stressful situation or if the adjustments to be made are extensive. It is not necessary to take several tablets of the same nutrient; one tablet is enough to give the information, for adults as well as children.

Q : Can nutrients create a dependency?

The nutrients help to balance the body, therefore, they cannot create a dependency. The information from the nutrients is integrated into the body when the vital currents have reached a state of auto-regulation. In this way, a person can move through the therapy of Nutripuncture, working at deeper levels as he or she integrates the information.

Q : Is there a possibility of overdosing on Nutripuncture?

An overdose cannot exist in Nutripuncture because it is used to transmit information for nutritional purposes. So there is no possibility of saturation.

Q : If a person's health is improving while taking Nutripuncture and undergoing medical treatments, should they stop the medical treatment?

No, it is always best to consult with the doctor who is medically treating the condition before changing the prescribed treatment. Nutripuncture can always be used in conjunction with any alternative or medical treatment.

Q : What nutrients should one choose according to the season in the northern hemisphere?

See brochures on the seasons).

Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang + Nutri 04 + Nutri 13

END OF SUMMER (August 15 - September 22)
Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang + Nutri 10 + Nutri 18

Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang + Nutri 05 + Nutri 20

Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang + Nutri 22 + Nutri 31

Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang + Nutri 11 + Nutri 30