Nutripuncture Asia

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What is an association of nutrients?

Associative Nutripuncture consists of NUTRI YIN"NUTRI YANG, followed by the other necessary nutrients, which are chosen according to the various needs of the person, in relation to his or her environment. Associative Nutripuncture has a general action and helps the auto- regulation of each organ on various levels: structural, organic, humoral, cognitive and psychological. The G.C.N.R. NUTRI YIN"NUTRI YANG gives the nutrients that are associated with it a more dynamic effect.

Q : In an association of nutrients, is there an order to respect?

In associative Nutripuncture, (with NUTRI YIN"NUTRI YANG) the order has no importance, but it is necessary to take NUTRI YIN"NUTRI YANG first. In sequential Nutripuncture, advised by a certified practitioner, the order of the five nutrients is essential.

Q : Can a person invent their own association of nutrients?

Contrary to sequential Nutripuncture, anyone can create their own associative Nutripuncture. In fact, it is possible to associate Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang with all the nutrients you think you need. An association, as a preventive measure, can be taken either alone or as a complement to any therapy or medical treatment. An association can be taken as needed for 3 to 8 weeks 2 or 3 times a day. If the association used doesn't have enough effect, a qualified specialist will recommend specific sequences, in relation to your needs. The health practitioners trained in Nutripuncture know its uses and its limits. Any physical symptom should be checked out in medical examination.

Q :How many times a day can a person take an association of nutrients?

Two or three times a day is enough, but there is no harm in taking more if the person is in a stressful situation or a physically demanding one such as sports.

Q : Can a person change his or her associations at will?

Yes, this is why associations are so easy to use. Once a person has a basic understanding of the different nutrients they can easily self-prescribe associations to fit their lifestyle and health needs.

Q : What is sequential Nutripuncture?

Sequential Nutripuncture never includes a General Cellular Nutritional Regulator (G.C.N.R.) Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang. A sequence is made up of five nutrients set in a very precise order, like words in a sentence, which are designed to deliver a message to the body. Each nutrient, according to its place in the “sentence”, gives a different meaning. So, sequential Nutripuncture is a closed system, which nourishes a precise zone of the body and transmits a larger amount of information. It is the result of the interactive combination of the 5 nutrients that make it up. That is why the order of the nutrients is unchangeable and should be absolutely respected. The use of the 38 nutrients in sequences of 5, allows for the formulation of a very large amount of information. Sequences are classified according to the body's circuits that need to be stimulated, often in relation to a behavioural problem or a physical symptom. They nourish the related zones of the disturbance, but they cannot be considered a substitute for other health therapies. Certified health practitioners are the only ones authorized to recommend sequences.

Q : In sequential nutripuncture, is it necessary to wait a certain length of time between every nutriment?

No, the time between each one is very short, less than a second after chewing and swallowing the preceding one. It is necessary to strictly respect the order in which the nutrients are indicated and to chew them in that order. Directions for using sequences : Chew and swallow, between meals, one tablet of the first nutrient, then immediately take one tablet of the following nutrient, continuing until the sequence is finished. It is possible to take several sequences, one after the other, if necessary. Nutritional sequences can only by prescribed by qualified health practitioners.

N.B.:If there is a nutrient missing from a sequence, continuing to take the other nutrients will not result in the desired action. Never take an incomplete sequence.