Nutripuncture Asia

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Can Nutripuncture be compared to acupuncture without needles?

In addition to offering a global understanding of psychosomatic complexity, this innovative method can help formulate effective, lasting solutions.

Each nutrient delivers information meant to strengthen the balance of the vital currents of the body. In this way, it is close to acupuncture, which has the same action.

Q : How many nutrients are there?

There is a series of nutrients, numbered from 01 to 38, in addition to Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang. Five of these nutrients are only for women, and five others only for men. Each nutrient nourishes the communication circuits of the various organs and their functions. Traditional Chinese Medicine calls these circuits "meridians". They govern different structural, organic, hormonal, psychosomatic and mental functions.

Q : How does one use the nutrients?

In associative Nutripucture, chew NUTRI-YING and NUTRI-YANG one at a time, followed by the other chosen nutrients. NUTRI-YING and NUTRI-YANG must be taken together and cannot be dissociated. There are no restrictions. Nutrients can be taken by anyone: including children, infants, pregnant women, and older persons. The tablets can be crushed into a powder for infants and persons who have dental problems. The nutrients can be used along with any medical treatment. They do not cause dental cavities, allergies, or dependencies.

Q : What is the composition of the nutrients?

All the tablets are made up of neutralized lactose (73%), sorbitol (25%), and magnesium stearate (2%), plus the information of the various minerals with each nutrient having a specific combination.

Q : The nutrients are made up of similar minerals. How can their action be different?

The electromagnetic information of the minerals depends on the way they are combined. The action differs according to their various compositions.

Q : Why are particular minerals used in the composition of the nutrients and how were these minerals chosen?

The choice of minerals and the way they are combined give every nutrient its specific action. Empirical research on the information from the minerals has made it possible to test their properties in relation to their synergy.

Q : Are the nutrients compatible with a healthy way of living?

All of the elements contained in the nutrients are natural and totally biocompatible.

Q : What does "biocompatible" mean?

A biocompatible product is a product that creates no disturbance in the vital currents of the body. The Nutripuncture nutrients are all biocompatible, it is one of their main characteristics.

Q : Is there a relationship between Nutripuncture and homeopathy?

When a person has a disease, homeopathy is able to address this disease directly and gives support to the body. Nutripuncture strengthens and regulates the vital currents, which are the "soil" that disturbances and diseases grow from. Furthermore, the manufacturing processes are different. It is possible for these two therapies to work well together.

Q : What are the vital currents?

They are electromagnetic currents conveyed by musculo-cutaneous lines, which circulate in the body affecting the person's general well-being. Traditional Chinese Medicine refers to them as "meridians".

Q : Are the nutrients food supplements?

They can be considered as such because they nourish the regulation of cellular nutrition. They help the organs draw, from the body's reserves, the nutrition they need to function properly. They also help to regulate metabolic processes and aid in food assimilation.

Q : How should a person start using Nutripuncture, and which nutrients should they choose?

A person can start with:

  • The G.C.N.R. Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang for several weeks
  • With Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang + the nutrients related to the present season
  • Then add, to the NUTRI YINá¾¢NUTRI YANG, the nutrients related to the present season
  • Following this they may add, according to their needs, other nutrients that correspond to their specific health issues