Nutripuncture Asia

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Can one take nutrients if one is taking medicine?

The nutrients do not replace medicines and do not work in the same way. Medicine fights against a disease or a symptom. The nutrients target the vital currents and support the body's health.

Q : Are nutrients medicine?

No, by regulating the vital currents of the body, they sustain health. They have no action against a symptom. They are nutritional supplements and their role is to strengthen the field that disturbances originate from.

Q : Which nutrients can a person take as a complement to medical treatment?

Medicine treats disease, with appropriate tools. Nutripuncture helps to restore the electromagnetic currents disturbed by the disease. That is why it is advisable to use Nutripuncture to stimulate the zones affected by the disease, as well as the immune system, and this will increase the effect of the medical treatment. The series of 38 nutrients can cover one's needs in many different situations.

Q : Can people allergic to lactose take these nutrients?

There is no risk of allergy. The patented manufacturing process ensures that everyone can tolerate these tablets. Lactose intolerance is related to a lack of lactase and can be addressed directly with the help of a Nutripuncture consultant.

Q : Can someone with an imbalance of minerals in their body take these nutrients, which contain minerals?

These tablets contain small amounts of minerals: their effectiveness comes from the information contained in the minerals. A person can easily take Nutripuncture without concerns of overdosing on minerals.

Q : I am pregnant; can I take nutrients?

This nutrition can be of considerable assistance for a harmonious gestation and for the future health of the mother and baby.

Q : Can older people take the nutrients?

Older persons can benefit from Nutripuncture. A study made in Italy, involving retirement homes, showed noticeable improvement in the participant's vitality. The only problem is with their teeth. It is sometimes necessary to crush the nutrients.