Nutripuncture Asia

What is Nutripuncture?

Nutripuncture acts directly on cellular communication and exchanges, and it strengthens the circulation of information necessary for self-regulation of the body, providing rapid, targeted results.

Its objective is to strengthen the vitality of the body by promoting self-regulation, the innate capacity that enables it to interact optimally with the environment, to handle stress, pathogens, to be in phase with the seasonal cycle, and to respond coherently to sensory stimuli.

Nutripuncture is research work in progress, uninterrupted for more than 30 years, that relies upon thousand-year-old knowledge from Asian traditions, which consider the individual as a psycho-physical whole (in constant communication with the external environment) and the knowledge of Western medicine, enriched by the most recent discoveries in biochemistry, microbiology, and psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology (P.N.E.I.).