Nutripuncture Asia

Use of Nutripuncture

Trace Mineral Complexes

We know that trace minerals are necessary to cellular life and that they act at various levels.

Through many experiments, researchers have discovered that:
1) By combining them according to specific protocols, we can create an "alphabet" that the body can coherently recognize.
2) The combinations present emerging properties, very different from the properties of the base components.

Through this research, a range of dietary supplements has gradually been developed, composed of 38 nutritional supplements (some specific to men, and others specific to women) called NUTRIS (categorized by number: Nutrients 1, 2, 3... 38) and a General Cellular Regulator, which supports the vitality of cellular membranes and the exchanges necessary for cellular communication, which is called Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang.

Nutripuncture has identified 33 vital currents, 14 primary ones, and 19 secondary ones:

  • 28 are common to women and men
  • 5 are unique to each sex (vital currents of the Uterus/Prostate, Breasts/Adam's apple, Vagina/Penis, female/male meridian of the pericardium, and female/male Triple Warmer).

How are the Nutris Used?

The Nutris used in Nutripuncture are composed of micro doses of trace minerals (combined according to specific protocols) on a neutralized lactose support.

The General Cellular Regulator, Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang, can be combined with one or more NUTRIENTS to restore energy and align the weakest vital currents (thus we talk about Associative Nutripuncture or AN).

The other 38 supplements can be combined in series of 5, to form specific circuits that act on specific issues (thus we talk about Sequential Nutripuncture or SN). These series are reserved solely for health professionals trained in this method, to support the psychosomatic equilibrium and drain the individual field.

While they have different actions, Associative Nutripuncture (AN) and Sequential Nutripuncture (SN) can be used in complementary ways; their use simply needs to be properly spaced. In fact the informational action of the Nutris lasts approximately 2 hours, during which the circulation of the current or of the specific circuit activated will be especially stimulated. Therefore, if one decides to work at various levels, one can use, for example, an AN in the morning and an SN in the afternoon or evening.

Treatment is advised for approximately 21-30 days (according to the individual field), outside of meal times (not necessarily fasting).

Nutripuncture can be combined with any type of treatment to produce specific, effective responses to many problems related to stress and to our lifestyle. Using targeted information that improves cellular communication and the circulation of vital currents, nutripuncture can help obtain rapid, targeted results, without side effects or special counter indications.

NOTE: It is important to remember that all symptoms must be evaluated, especially when acute and/or persistent, and require specific tests prescribed by specialized doctors.