Nutripuncture Asia

Nutripuncture and Body Language

What are Vital Currents?

The term "vital currents" indicates the non-molecular information that enables various bodily systems to communicate in real time.

It is likely that the meridians described in Chinese tradition correspond to the cutaneous paths of these currents.

Concerning their nature, according to work by Popp and Sclebush, these are biophotons, electromagnetic waves, or at least there is an important correlation with these physical phenomena.

Concerning their possible origin, we cite the revolutionary research by the winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine, Luc Montagnier, who showed that DNA produces electromagnetic signals.

Faced with a field still remaining to be explored, we have chosen to use the generic, and certainly not scientifically recognized, term of "vital currents."

The correlation between an imbalance in meridians and negative emotions has already been explored by the Chinese, guided by a holistic vision of the body that does not conceive of it as an assembly of organs but as a unit in which complex systems interact.

Nutripuncture can offer us even more:
1) Meridians can be stimulated by trace minerals complexes,
2) A behavior can be aligned by activating specific vital currents,
3) By stimulating the circulation of vital currents, we can promote an optimal psychosomatic dynamic

The research on Nutripuncture has not been limited to health (considered as the absence of illness), but extends to the possibility of improving well-being, of supporting overall psycho-physical vitality, by optimizing the individual's capacity to interact with his or her context. For this reason, Nutripuncture has gradually become a psychosomatic approach to the whole person.

In case of somatization following stress, a profound conflict, trauma, an accident, mourning, etc., Nutripuncture can help:
- Activate the vitality of the weakest sectors,
- Refine the perception of the 5 senses, the center of communication between every individual and the world surrounding it.
- Support not only organic functions, but also cognitive, emotional, and vocal ones.
- Stimulate individual creative and communicative potential.

Nutripuncture, recognized by the University of Traditional Medicine in Beijing, is now practice by an ever growing number of health professionals in many countries around the world.