Nutripuncture Asia


Until now, efforts to understand the impact of various stimuli on the body, and differentiate primary and secondary disorders, have been numerous and inconclusive. Nutripuncture offers various techniques for identifying the source of multi-factor causes that represent an individual's specific field.

In addition to offering a global understanding of psychosomatic complexity, this innovative method can help formulate effective, lasting solutions.

Nutripuncture educational courses provide the theoretical and practical instruments for applying this approach in a simple manner: soothing many somatizations, improving family relationships (e.g. parent-child conflicts), overcoming childhood trauma, trauma from pregnancy, the consequences of accidents, keeping up vitality to face environmental stimuli (e.g. seasons) and the stresses that can interfere with overall psychosomatic equilibrium.

The fields of application for Nutripuncture are broad: neophytes can use it to support vitality (across the seasons for example), while professionals can use it, after having conducted the necessary investigations, to better treat complex situations.

In fact, this method, available to all (children, pregnant women, elderly and convalescent persons, etc.) can be very useful in all situations involving psycho-physical imbalances.

The theoretic and practical approach behind Nutripuncture is taught by health practitioners who have used it for years and advise their customers about it.

Scheduled Courses

There are three Nutripuncture workshops currently - Modules 1, 2, and 3 in Level One. Classes are expected to run in May 2014.