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Human Structure Programme

Five Core Principles

The Human Structure programme is built on five core principles:

The ingredients in Human Structure work synergistically to give the body everything it needs to reach its full potential, boosting energy circuits to restore vitality, a natural equilibrium and serenity.
Cells are the basic building blocks in the human body and each and every one of the ingredients in the Human Structure formulations has been specially selected and used in exactly the right quantity to target, without overloading, specific areas of the body, providing the nutritional balance required for optimal function and well-being. Replenished but not overloaded, our cells then work to restore a natural equilibrium and enhance body function.
The body is made up of an incredible number of cells. Different cell types have different functions, but all are co-ordinated by exchange and communication systems. Human Structure supplements are specifically designed to optimize the cell transport pathways that govern vitality and to restore the body's natural language.
While most supplements place the emphasis on the quantity of active ingredients they provide often using fillers, Human Structure aims first and foremost to create synergy, a dynamic force, between the ingredients, so that each bioavailable and biocompatible formula is spontaneously identified and recognized by the body for optimal assimilation.
The Human Structure programme enhances our body's ability to self-regulate. Cellular dynamics restored, the body's immune system is fortified, allowing it to defend against the effects of stress, intestinal disorders, anxiety, sleeplessness and more.


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